Eagle of Golden Duck - "Edison"

Edison is our stud dog that was imported as a puppy from one of the best Golden Retriever Kennels in Europe, Of Golden Duck.  His pedigree is full of champion dogs from very famous lines.  In addition to his outstanding pedigree, he has the sweetest disposition.  He is the perfect balance of goofy and laid back.  He has never met a stranger in his life, and absolutely loves everyone of all ages (humans and dogs alike).  Edison is such a fun loving boy, and I have never met a happier dog.  Edison is a huge mama's boy, and loves to be wherever I am.  He loves a good game of fetch or hike, but also loves to snuggle up and get some love.  We are so very proud of the dog he has become;  and the puppies that he has produced. 

In addition to his wonderful character, he also has great clearances.  He has a Pennhip rating in the top 95th percentile of Golden Retrievers (with a distraction index of .3 and .36), clear elbows, PRA 2 and PRA-prcd clear, PRA 1 carrier (not affected), ICT carrier (not affected).