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We here at Dreaming Tree Goldens specialize in breeding top of the line English Golden Retrievers.  We strive to produce the healthiest, sweetest, most gorgeous English Golden Retrievers around.  There are many breeders claiming to breed "English Cream Golden Retrievers" without really knowing what that means.  They think it simply means a light-colored Golden Retriever.  There is so much to be said in the pedigree of a breeder's dogs.  Take some time and look through the pedigrees of all of our dogs and puppies, and you will have a difficult time finding better ones than ours here in the United States.  Because we believe that it's so important to HAVE the best to PRODUCE the best, all of our breeding dogs are imported from Europe.  


When looking for your new puppy, don't look just at the price tag.  Our puppies cost a bit more than other breeders out there, but you ultimately get what you pay for.  We don't take breeding lightly, and only breed when we believe we are improving the Golden Retriever breed all around.  All of our dogs also have exceptional health clearances, because Goldens suffer from so many genetic issues, that we like to lessen the chances of our puppies developing those things as much as possible.  


The last thing that makes our kennel so much different is our philosophy in puppy raising as well as puppy training.  We don't just leave the mothers and pups to their own devices and hope that they turn out alright.  We are involved in every aspect of their lives from the moment they are born until the moment they start their lives with their new families.  Socialization is one of our biggest focuses.  We expose the puppies to all sorts of people, sights, sounds, and experiences so that they are ready for any type of lifestyle.  They are handled every day and learn what it's like to live in a family setting.  We strongly encourage those able to afford our training programs to really consider it.  That way, we take the guesswork out of raising a well rounded puppy.  The first sixth months of a dog's life have such a huge impact on the rest of their lives.  So, if you can start them out right, you will be blessed with a remarkable pet and family member for years to come.


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